Tips for Tackling Scuff Marks on Your Floors and Walls

Tips for Tackling Scuff Marks on Your Floors and Walls

No matter what you do, scuff marks seem to quickly make their unsightly appearance on your office’s walls and floors. Unfortunately, unless you ask each of your employees, clients, customers, and guests to remove their shoes, never move furniture, and never touch the walls, scuff marks are a part of your reality. Thankfully, removing these […]

How to Combat Cold and Flu Season in the Office

Just because we’re making our way towards spring doesn’t mean that cold and flu season is over quite yet. Many people believe that the cold and flu season has concluded since the major holidays have passed and we’re on the brink of spring. Unfortunately, this sick season lasts well into spring. While the season peaks […]

How to Keep a Clean and Healthy Work Environment

  Though COVID-19 numbers are on the decline, maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is still crucial. A clean workspace promotes healthy living, increases productivity, and boosts morale among employees, all while lowering stress levels. A clean office helps you stay organized, allows you to work more efficiently, and provides a healthy place where you […]

Why You Should Keep Your Office Windows Clean

Keeping your office windows clean can be challenging. However, a lack of maintenance can send your clients a message you don’t wish to convey to them. Like any windows, windows in your office are an essential part of your workspace as they provide potential emergency escape routes, provide sunlight, are an aesthetically pleasing feature, and […]

Here’s How to Deal with the Mess After Your Office’s Christmas Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But dealing with the mess after your office’s Christmas Party can leave you feeling less than holly jolly.  While the season brings the perfect opportunity to get together and celebrate, the reality is that the aftermath of your holiday party can be a bit overwhelming. If your […]

The Scary Aftermath of a Halloween Party: How to Clean Your Office

Knowing how to clean your office is key and will allow you to focus on the holiday and the good times with your employees and coworkers. After all, these moments in the office are a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some holiday fun together. October is full of tricks and treats, but the spookiest […]

3 Tips to Keeping Your Workplace Clean with Covid-19

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S., businesses have been forced to adapt to “the new normal.” Understandably, employers and employees alike are concerned about the virus spreading in their workplace. Respiratory illnesses typically spread through coughing or sneezing, touching objects with unwashed hands, and touching your face after touching contaminated surfaces, according to […]