Medical Office Cleaning

Town & Country offers customized Medical & Dental office cleaning programs designed specific to the needs of your facility. For the past 40 years, we have followed the requirements established by O.S.H.A. and the best practice standards established by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Medical Office Cleaning: Reception, Lobby and Patient Waiting Areas

Medical Office Cleaning: Reception, Lobby and Patient Waiting Areas Cleaning

More often than not, these high-traffic areas create the first and lasting impressions of your office. It is important to ensure the cleanliness of these areas since they usually represent the overall management of the facility. We are an established commercial cleaning company specializing in Medical Office facilities. Below are just some of the services we offer:  

  • ENTRY GLASS: We clean entry glass doors, window sills, and door handle for a streak-free shine. Exterior glass windows can be cleaned on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual schedule. We make sure that these surfaces will sparkle and shine!
  • DUSTING: We recognize the special need for medical offices to remain dust free due to airborne allergens. We use HEPA-filtered vacuums and microfiber towels to thoroughly remove dust. We use an approved antimicrobial disinfectant when dusting all horizontal surfaces. We will dust all reception tables, lamps/shades, decorations, and picture frames. Magazines and newspapers will also be in place for a neat-looking waiting area.
  • FURNITURE: We vacuum chairs and sofas to remove accumulated dust on the surfaces. The furnishings are neatly arranged to ensure a positive impression.
  • VACUUMING: The carpet in your office will be vacuumed thoroughly to remove particles and debris. Special care will be given to the cleaning of the edges, corners, under chairs and along the baseboards.
  • SPOT CLEANING: Our spot cleaning service leaves walls and surfaces free from fingerprints and smudges. Common stains such as coffee, soda pop, and oil-based spots will be spot cleaned after each service.

Patient, Examination, Treatment and Medical Office Areas in Atlanta, Georgia

Our commercial cleaning service is also available to areas in clinics or doctor’s offices where patients are being diagnosed and treated.

  • DUSTING: Our dusting service leaves your desktops, partition tops, computer monitors, file cabinets, picture frames, office equipment, etc. completely polished.
  • CARPETING: Carpeted areas, floor mats, and runners will be vacuumed with special attention to surfaces of furniture, baseboards, and electrical cords. Removal of embedded staples will be done upon request.
  • FURNITURE: Chairs around desks will be dusted arranged neatly after each cleaning service.
  • TILE FLOORS: Tile floors will be swept and damp mopped.
  • TRASH CONTAINERS: Our staff will empty all trash containers and replace trash can liners from client’s inventory.
  • SPOT CLEANING: Fingerprints and smudges around light switches will be spot cleaned.
  • INTERIOR GLASS: Glass partitions and doors will be spot cleaned for fingerprints and smudges.
  • DRINKING FOUNTAINS: Drinking fountains will be sanitized with an O.S.H.A approved cleaning solution.
  • OFFICE ITEMS/EQUIPMENT: Office equipment such as telephones, counters, computers, and work stations will be damp wiped using an O.S.H.A. approved disinfectant.
  • CARPETING: Carpeted areas, floor mats, and runners will be vacuumed with special attention to surfaces of furniture, baseboards, and electrical cords.

Restrooms Cleaning

medical office restrooms cleaning

Restrooms will be sanitized with O.S.H.A approved cleaners. Tile floors will be wet mopped with a germicidal floor cleaner. Common restroom amenities such as toilet fixtures, urinals, stall partitions, and vanity items will be sanitized and polished. Ventilation fans, partition tops, wall tile coving, and lighting fixtures will be dusted as needed. Other toilet supplies and consumable products will be replaced from your inventory. We also sell these products in the event that there are no available items at the time of the visit. All items purchased will be conveniently itemized on your regular monthly invoice.

Breakrooms Cleaning

medical office breakrooms cleaning

After each service, you will have clean countertops, sinks, backsplashes, exteriors of microwaves, refrigerators, tables, and chairs. All chairs will be neatly arranged. Tile floors will be swept with a specially treated dust mop, and floor mats will be vacuumed thoroughly. Spot cleaning will be done on walls, light switches, and other surfaces.

Others Areas

Town & Country Cleaning Office is a dependable commercial cleaning company specializing in medical and dental facility cleaning. Our commercial cleaning service guarantees customer satisfaction. Below are other services we also provide:

  • Window Washing (Optional)
  • Carpet Cleaning (Optional)
  • Tile Buffing and Waxing (Optional)