How to Combat Cold and Flu Season in the Office

Just because we’re making our way towards spring doesn’t mean that cold and flu season is over quite yet.

Many people believe that the cold and flu season has concluded since the major holidays have passed and we’re on the brink of spring. Unfortunately, this sick season lasts well into spring. While the season peaks between December and February, there are many cases that come up as late as May. Because influenza and cold-causing germs are highly contagious, it’s essential to do whatever you can to combat these viruses, especially in areas like the office.

Continue reading to find out what you can do to combat the cold and flu season in your office.

How to Combat Cold and Flu Season in Your Office

Combating cold and flu season is incredibly important because of how quickly these germs can travel from one person to the next. It is especially important in areas where numerous people congregate (like the workplace) because frequent illness in your office can really affect productivity. Throughout the season, taking a few extra precautions to rid your workspace of germs is necessary. Here are some preventative measures you can take to keep your office space healthy:

Regular Cleaning and Washing Practices — Having frequent and regular cleaning routines in place is an effective way to keep your employees healthy. Set up a basic cleaning regime as a standard procedure, including the simplest things like requiring all employees and office visitors to wash their hands after using the restroom and highly encouraging hand washing even when not using the bathroom. Anyone who is sick should not work in the office and should be sent home to avoid spreading the illness.

Targeted Procedures — Outside of regular hand washing, commonly touched surfaces should be disinfected using an alcohol-based cleaner often, such as light switches, door handles and knobs, and reception desks. Germs can live up to eight hours on these surfaces and can easily be transferred to anyone who touches them. Make sure to have antibacterial soap and disinfectant spray available for your employees’ use.

Home Routines — Virus and germ prevention should not solely be left for your office. As an employer, you can encourage employees to implement these procedures and routines in their homes and with their families or roommates. Encourage your employees to practice healthy habits by washing hands often and wiping down commonly touched surfaces and areas, including TV remotes, computer keyboards, refrigerator doors, etc. at home.

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